Chatbots: what is chatbot? Why are chatbot important?

What is chatbot? Why are chatbots important? chatbot application is right for you? How to set up chatbot?

Chatbots are the most efficient way to grow your site most of you getting questions like, what I do to grow my site?, how to get returning visitors? how to grow your email list? and more let me tell you chatbot are the answer for you.

When I heard about chatbot I studied it then I applied it on my side and results are amazing.

I am getting over 2,000 plus daily email subscriber’s and also sales are going well. I’m just because of my email list I am able to take follow time by time.

I’m going tell you how I studied, applied the functions of chatbots that can help you to grow your business like a pro.

But first let me tell you about chatbot.


Interact to instant messaging replicants the pattern of human interaction.

Machine learning

Allows computer to learn by themselves without programming.

Natural learning

A computer Ability to understand human speech or text.

Short form of chat robot is chatbot. Chatbot is a simply a computer program that simulates human conversation fundamentally a chatbot allows the interaction between machine and human the interaction happen to a message or voice chatbot is program to worked independently from human operator it can answer questions formulated to a natural language answer like a real person words.

Chatbot comes with sensors, combination of pre defined scripts and machine learning. When a question is asked the chatbot will respond based on what he know best at that time.

If the conversation brings it to a place where chatbot does not know what to do then chatbot deflect the conversation or immediately pass the conversation to human operator in both cases it will also try to learn from that interaction over time and over multiple interaction the chatbot will gradually gain in scope and Revalance.

Complexity of chatbot is determined by sophistication with underlying software and the data it can access.

If the chatbot is not connected to revelant data will quickly find out that it is not very e useful you may already be using chat box in your life, if you have asked Amazon Alexa ,Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana.

Grow your business with chatbot.

There are four ways grow your business with chatbot.

  • Answer questions (Handle Those F.A.Q.S) frequently ask question which is the first place where you can use a brain of chatbot because you know we don’t hire a person in this part of process then we all of them to do what we paying them to do.
  • Qualifying leads (not just generate them) I think you are already using thing like popup ads, form to generate leads but we talk about instead qualifying leads. While Qualifying leads we don’t trust capture a minimum amount of information reach back out to them we actually want to make sure that they are good fit for us to do this we need to do engagement conversation but that conversation isn’t always going to end up resulting in good connection and a good fit for that person and your business also.
  • it’s all about time we don’t have more than 24 hours a day so what can we do we can would a chatbot that can qualify all the questions with the chatbot we can able to craft a conversation that feeds natural and human.
  • Create ticket (handle service issues) no people required chatbot can automatically generate ticket, reply customer give them proper solution, and the person on the other side feeling I need help, chatbot can help them and the customer feels better and the stay loyal to your business Grow your business with chatbot and their time isn’t wasted.
  • Follow up (keep the conversation going) if a website visitor visits today so the chatbot can do some talk with it then after a week a visitor come again then the conversation goes ahead like. Welcomeback Ron we have some new articles would you like to read. then many of visitors like to read New articles.

Some Best ChatBot Applications.


Chatbots: what is chatbot? Why are chatbot important?

Collect.Chat is the fastest growing chatbot company that has really a responsive and helpful team. their product linking is really simple and the setup of chatbot can easily done by a 3 year old kid so now think how easy really it is.

It’s free to use but if you take paid surveys you can use logical answers integrations with other tools and many more.


AcoBot is a AI based Technology chatbot this is the new startup that growing exponentially.

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