How To Add Table Of Contents In WordPress | Post, And Pages.

How To Add Table Of Contents in wordpress.

How To Add Table Of Contents In WordPress.

How You Ever Wondered How Wikipedia Add A Table Of Content Table In Their Post? Wikipedia Write such a long And Informative Content/Articles So It Is Mandatory To Them To Improve Their Reading Experience so There A Tool That Helps Readers To Read The Point In That They Are Interested and If The Readers Are Happy with That So They Can Subscribe and Get In Touch with your website regularly. So Get Our Answer On How To Add Table Of Contents In WordPress.

Why You Have To Add Table Of Contents In Your Post!

You have Seen A Lots Of Websites using a table of content in their Posts because it helps the reader to jump on The Specific point a reader wants to read In Along Article.

You Can Add Table of Content Manually with HTML Codes, But It’s So Tricky For A Beginner. Like Me, I am Not A Professional HTML Programmer. And Also I Can’t Understand Codes, Creating a list, add links, and add the ID, I Can’t Do That, So How Can I Do That So I Found A Way To Do That Easily Do That All Stuff For Me In Just Some Click Only One Time.

Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress.

First Thing You Have To Do Is Install And Activate A Plugin Called Table Of Contents.

Then, There Are Some Steps You Have To Follow. SO Following Are Some Points I Show You With Pictures Follow This Setup.

In WordPress Menu Tab You Will See Table Of Content Option Simply Click On That.

Add Table Of Contents In Posts.

Look Carefully I Click Only On Post Section Because I Only Want Table Of Contents In My Post. But If Your Requirement Is Post And Pages Or Anywhere else You Just Simply Tick The Following And It Will Be Activated.

Now Put The Position Is Before First Heading. This Place Is Best For Table Of Contents In WordPress.

Show When Tab Is Ask You When The Table of content shows, so just select 4, because Table Of Contents Is For Long Article.

And Now, All The Option Put As It is.

This All Option Already Set Do Not Touch anything Just skip This area.

Now Click Save Changes.


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