The Best Domain Registrar 2019-Price, Features, specifications.

The Current Market of Domain Registrar is quite Big – So Provides You Detail Research About The Best Domain Registrar in 2019.with price, Features, Specifications.

The Best Domain Registrar 2019-Price, Features, specifications.

Top Reason’s To Have A web-site!

  • Attract New Customer Online.
  • educate customers about your brand.
  • Tell Customer’s Who You Are and Where You Are Located
  • Showcase Your Work.
  • It Enables You To Target a Wider Audience.
  • Your Business Gains Credibility.
  • It IS always Accessible, even when You Sleep.
    • And Many More Reasons…

What Is Domain?

A Domain Is The Name Of Your Website.

Registering a domain name is mandatory to start a website and it usually costs 10$/year.


If it’s Personal Website Then You Can use Your Name As a Domain Name. You Have the Option To Purchase The Domain For a Year / 2 year or also 10 years. Depending on how long your domain after the date expired

Tips To Choose a Domain Name For Your Business / Personal Use!

#1. Keep It Short

  • Always Try To Keep You Domain Name Short.
  • It can Be Maximum Two Or Three Words.
  • If Your Domain Name Is too Long Then It Will Be Hard For The User to Remember.

#2. Avoid Numbers & Hyphens.

  • Never Include Numbers or hyphens in your domain name.
  • It doesn’t add credibility to your Business
  • For Example, Assume My Domain Name
    • How Are You Feeling After Reading This?
  • You Are Thinking It Is Not A Trusted SiteOr Some Site Which Is not genuine so always avoid numbers and hyphens in your Domain Name.

#3. Make it Easy To Type.

  • Make sure your Domain Name Is Easy To Type.
  • If You Have Confusing Or Long Keyword’s Then You Will Be losing a lot of business.
  • So Make Sure It is easy to type.

#4. Make It Brandable.

  • Always Try to make your business brandable.
  • you can make it brandable using your name or your business category.
  • You can use Domain Name:-
    • For e.g; if your business is about tiles you can use the word tiles in your business.

#5. Use Correct Domain Name Extension!

  • I Always Prefer .com As my Domain extension.
  • That Completly Depends On Which Customer You Are Targeting.
    • For E.g; If your business is only for Indians then you can choose .in or extension.
  • If You Are Targeting Other Countries I would Suggest You Go With .com Extension.

#6. Check Availability.

Maybe you have a Domain Name In Your Mind Buty What Will You Do If It Is Already Registered Someone else.

So Make Sure To Check Your Domain Availability.

How To Check Availability :

Now, we Talk About How To Find A perfect domain For Your Business :

So Let’s Get Started.

Choose A keyword Which Matches Yor Website.

For example,

Let’s Say Your Website Is Related To Weeding. So You Can Choose Weeding As Your Keyword.

As I want to Create A website Related To “Website” I have selected my keyword as “website”.

Once You’ve Selected Your Keyword.

Let’s Use Our First Tool To Find A Good Domain name.

SO, Just go to

The Best Domain Registrar 2019-Price, Features, specifications.

It will show You Preview Like This.

So in the Domain Search Tab Type A Keyword Which You Selected Like I Type My Name Rishab Joshi And Press Enter Button

The Best Domain Registrar 2019-Price, Features, specifications.
It Will Show You Preview Like This.

Then Just enter the keyword in the search domain box and it will take 2-3 minutes for loading so the tool will show relented to keyword so just look at the list and choose domain which you like and click on that domain and it will instantly show you a twitter handle is also available or not for Your Twitter Page.

i don’t want you to simply watch the videos for the namesake . i want to creat your successful website along with me .


So Let’s Talk About, Is a leading Domain Name Generator Tool Form Decades. So Let’s Look At The How To Generate a Domain name.

The Best Domain Registrar 2019-Price, Features, specifications.

When You Visit To Website The First Preview Is Like This So You Have To Enter Few Words in Word combiner and press enter but Make Sure You Always Press Enter After typing one word. Like I Type Rishab and Joshi My Name.

The site Immediately shows you match-able domain and You Can Choose a Domain Which You Like And Suitable To Your Business Or Personal Use.

Then You Can Registrar The Domain Form Below Domain Registrar.

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